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How reading books helps kids, teenagers, and young adults

Reading best books is a life-impacting habit for everybody. Do you agree? I am sure you believe that everybody must read the best useful books for leisure and knowledge apart from academic books which you have to read to get your certifications.

Reading books sparks curiosity


Reading non-fiction creates curiosity about everything in our environment, society, and universe.
Finding how the environment, universe, and society work, helps us in living a better life.
The world of books has a plethora of subject areas that we can read about. The possibilities of reading are limitless and they open doors for us. 
Through reading fiction books, we get insights into how other people think and how they lead their lives.


Reading books can be a silent contemplative activity. Readers can relax, ruminate, and reflect on the text. It is relaxing to read a story in a quiet place. 
Books can calm the mood and make us forget whatever’s happening in our real life. It helps us get away and feel refreshed.
It can provide us ideas on managing any aspect of our lives. We get to know life lessons by reading. Reading best books on various topics aids in developing skills.
At least half an hour of deep reading helps in impacting our life positively.

Reading books gives quiet time
Reading books teaches communication


Fiction and non-fiction books show us the communication of thoughts and ideas in words.
Regular reading improves our range of vocabulary and we learn to use them in the right context.
Authors of fiction books model how to express feelings, opinions and stories.  
Moreover, while reading, we empathize with the characters.
We place ourselves in the character’s shoes and understand their experiences. This helps us understand people. 


Reading books influences critical thinking skills and inspires readers to question and evaluate.
It helps us gather information. Deep within the brain, we process this information and learn from it.
Reading fiction and non-fiction books stimulates the brain, find answers to questions and improves concentration.
It helps readers know the world other than work, academics and home. 
Reading about real issues, experiences, people, and concepts; provides knowledge on various subjects. 

Reading books inspires readers to think
Reading books stirs the imagination


Reading fiction is great for creative imagination. Genres in fiction like fantasy, science-fiction and others, show limitless possibilities to imagination.
We read fiction and non-fiction books that takes us places without moving our feet. How else would you get to know possibilities if not by reading?
Reading books is a very effective tool for visualisation and motion pictures come only second to reading. 
While watching videos/movies as spectators we hardly get time to absorb intricacies because of the pace of the medium.
However, while reading we create by imagination, the creaking sound of the window, the rustling of leaves, the fear of anticipation and the thoughts of the characters.
Reading is a sensory experience with a higher emotional connection with whatever the author or storyteller wants to convey.

Samhita Nadkarni

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What does the Happy Young Readers logo stand for?

I designed the logo to represent the name of the website.
The logo has a basket of three books in primary colours, set in a green background.

Red makes us feel alert and energetic.
Blue inspires calmness and tranquillity.
Yellow represents cheer and optimism.
Green is for growth, youth and communication.

Red, blue and yellow are primary colours. These colours symbolise feelings that we feel when we read books.

The content in fiction and non-fiction books makes us,
alert and aware of a variety of subjects,
inspires a wise tranquility,
and makes us optimistic.

Reading books help us grow into better human beings.

Happy Young Readers