Humourous Books For Kids By Indian Authors

Find here the best humourous books for kids of all ages in the English language. Don’t let the usual stories tire your kids. Read them fun tales and laugh together.

All kids deserve a good laugh now and then, to keep their minds sharp. Even those kids who are too young for reading books, can enjoy listening to funny read aloud sessions. These humourous books for kids will provide some great laughs in whatever setting you bring them to.

Nowadays, due to the times and pressures children become more and more demanding as they grow. Who can blame them? They have lots to do and little time to be themselves. That’s why finding the best way to interact with them and win their hearts is becoming a priority for parents who want their kids to follow a good path.

Humourous books are one of the best ways to communicate with your kids and make them laugh. Not only this, a good children’s book can make your child smarter as they learn lessons while enjoying themselves.

So, to make sure that you choose the best funny books for your child, it’s important to know what makes a good children’s book.

Fun is the key ingredient. When it comes to humorous books for kids, you want your child to be entertained. You want him or her to enjoy reading these amusing books for kids, not feel like they’re stuck in a class.

If you’re able to find books that will make your child laugh while still providing valuable lessons and information, then you’ve found the perfect children’s book. This is why funny books for kids are great because they’re able to provide entertainment and learning in one package.

Humourous books for elementary kids by Indian authors 

Read aloud these funny, vibrantly illustrated picture books to your primary/elementary kids of age up to 8 years.

Aiyyo, That parrot

  • Author: Abhi Krish
  • Published by Tulika Publications

Delightful illustrations by Shriya Sen, capture the drama of the story in pictures. The central character is a little boy Murali who is chased by a parrot that keeps repeating whatever Murali says. Read aloud how the story develops and watch your elementary kids giggle with glee.

Dungi Dance

  • Author: Bhavna Jain Bhuta
  • By Tulika Publications

Illustrated by Kavita Singh Kale to depict the amusing and musical story of Dungi the sheep. Whenever your little kids are feeling bored indoors, delight them with this story of dancing Dungi the sheep.

Get Off That Camel

  • Author: A.H. Benjamin
  • By Karadi Tales

Illustrated wonderfully by Krishna Bala Shenoy, this humorous storybook will surprise and amuse your primary school kids. It’s the story of Meena, a young girl who is extremely fond of her toy camel. Read about what happens when Meena’s parents gift her a real camel?

Salim The Knife Sharpener

  • Author R. Amarendran
  • Published by Karadi Tales

Expressively illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan to depict the feelings and actions of the characters, the story is about Salim the knife sharpener. Few people need to sharpen their knives these days and Salim is in search of newer places to market his services. Read to your kids how this funny story develops and watch them listen gleefully.

Tomato Flood

  • Author: Niyatee Parikh Sharma
  • Published by Tota Books

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya with vibrant coloured illustrations, the story is about the brother-sister duo, Veer and Ananya. They are a naughty bunch of siblings who playfully squash tomatoes in their garden soil during a fight. Time passes and a few days later, many tomato saplings sprout in their garden. What happens thereafter is an amusing read. It’s a great book to introduce concepts of making compost and growing a kitchen garden.

Some more funny books for elementary kids

Pickle Mania

Lunch Friend

Maoo And The Moustaches

Mouse In The House

Humourous books for middle grade kids by Indian authors

Who says middle graders need to be serious? They too need to have fun reading humourous books for middle graders.

Long live friendship! A humorous play for children

humourous books for kids
  • Author: Meera Dixit
  • Published by Pratham books
  • Illustrated by Shailja Jain Chougule

This play is about a bunch of friends and what happens when one of them, Vikram, falls ill. Vikram, the captain of their cricket team, catches malaria. But Malaria is curable, isn’t it? Yet Yamraj sends his messenger Yamdoot to pick up Vikram.

 When Yamdoot visits Vikram, loyal friends create mayhem. Despite the seemingly serious topic, the play is amusing and light-hearted for middle graders to read or stage a theatrical representation.

The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair

  • Author: Lalita Iyer
  • Publisher Scholastic

The book is a collection of amusing short stories that never go out of fashion. The illustrations by Sheena Deviah are superb. 

The Tallest Tale

  • Author: Anushka Ravishankar
  • Published by Karadi Tales

Expressive and beautiful Illustrations by Chetan Sharma will amuse middle graders in this book about the tallest tale.

The Lizard Of Oz

  • Author: Khyrunnisa A.
  • Scholastic Publication

This is an amusing collection of short stories for middle-grade kids of 9 to 12 years. The stories are about the adventures of reptiles and other wild creatures.

Book Of Humour 

humourous books for kids
  • Author: Ruskin Bond
  • Publisher: Penguin India

This book has an assortment of subtle witty stories by Ruskin Bond in his distinct writing style. The language is easy yet impeccable and conversational, as though a friend were telling you stories.

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Some more funny books for middle graders: 

Mutthasi’s missing teeth


Moin and the monster

Tales of Akbar and Birbal – Published by Rupa publications

Funny books for higher/senior grades by Indian authors

Humourously Yours

  • Author: Amitabh Sarwate
  • Publisher: Vishwakarma

These are stories of the Deccan Gymkhana in Pune, reminding the readers of P.G. Woodhouse and P.L. Despande’s writings. Light-hearted delightful observations of people, their behaviours, places in Pune and other mundane occurrences will regale you while reading this book.

The Boy Who Swallowed A Nail 

  • Author: Lalita Iyer
  • Publisher: Scholastic

This collection of short stories is a great read for senior graders and all people young at heart. The author recounts incidents and situations that are simple yet joyful. They will entertain and amuse you with their eccentricities and uncommonness.

Suppandi The Essential Collection

Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha

This comic book collection has 9 titles of the most popular character  “Suppandi” from the Tinkle comics of  Amar Chitra Katha.

The loyal ardent fans of Suppandi will find this collection a delightful read to revisit the world of this much-loved comic character. If you haven’t read Suppandi before, then here’s a brief introduction. Suppandi comic character is more than 37 years old, yet he remains in his 20’s in the comics.

He is a simple, gullible, domestic helper trying to please his master. The innocent goof up and foolishness of Suppandi is endearing and amusing. The illustrations for Suppandi stories were originally done by Ram Waeekar and later taken over by his daughter Archana Amberkar and son Sanjiv Waeerkar.

The Little Ninja Sparrows

  • Author: Ranjit Lal
  • Speaking Tiger Publication

Two sibling sparrows get intimidated by their overpowering elder sibling. Because of the bullying, the two sparrows are so scared that they do not learn to fly.

Breeze comes to their rescue and they escape only to get trapped in a cage. Additionally, the cat mafia has eyes on them. Though this brief sounds grim, the award-winning author Ranjit Lal’s take on the dynamics of the bird and animal kingdom is humourous. Read how the sparrows find strength and learn to fly.

Green Humour For A Greying Planet

  • Author: Rohan Chakravarty
  • Publisher: Penguin

This book is a unique collection of cartoons and comics on wildlife and nature. The author/illustrator takes a comic perspective on the serious topic of nature conservation. The illustrations are great, conveying the message with a vibe that resonates with the readers.

Some more books with humour for senior graders:

Ordered To Laugh: Humour In Uniform

Tales Of Humour (ACK)

Mad(e) In India

Funny Folktales (ACK)

Great Stories for All-Time by Ruskin Bond and Roald Dahl

Concluding lines:

Authors like R.K. Narayan, Lalita Iyer, Ranjit Lal, Kyrunnisa A., Asha Nehemiah, Paro Anand, Ruskin Bond, Anushka Ravishankar, Arundhati Venkatesh, Rupa Gulab, Roopa Pai, Natasha Sharma, are some of the Indian authors who have written light-hearted and humorous books for kids. New authors keep adding to this list.

I have listed some of these books for beginner readers, middle graders and senior grade readers. Happy Reading!

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