Study Abroad and University Application Guide

If you are planning to study abroad and are wondering how to go about your university application, do not be overwhelmed, this article will guide you. When you plan to study overseas after completing school or graduating from college, you might have many questions about how to go about the entire process. 

You need to find and understand various processes and method for the entire process. How to apply to universities, how to apply for scholarships, how to get a student loan, and how to get your visa are among some of the queries that are on your mind.

You might want to connect with friends and relatives who have studied abroad or look it up on the internet to find your answers. While you will get few answers, information is scattered and it is quite exhausting to form a cohesive picture of the entire process. You can experience a FOMO, fear of missing out on some information. Well, what if there is one person who has the experience of going through the same journey and would share it with you systematically as a guide? It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? 

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Who’s this person that will guide you on university application process if you wish to study abroad?

Yes, there’s not just one person, but there’s a team which collaborated to prepare this guide just for people like you who wish to study abroad. These young people are Soundarya Balasubramani (author) and her team comprising Rishabh Singh, Saikishore Raju, Komal Telagavi, Nidhish Rajan, and Karthikeyan Eswaran. 

Author Soundarya Balasubramani has put together this awesome book called “Admitted.” that sorts out queries related to several aspects that you will deal with in the process of applying to universities abroad. Author Soumya Balasubramani is like a god-sent friend, philosopher and guide for students who wish to study abroad.

She clearly states that the book is about taking action. Her target audience is students applying for a post-graduate degree in the United States. It’s because she has written this book based on her experience while applying for post-grad at Columbia University, New York. Nevertheless, she says, the book would be useful to you as a supplementary source even if you are a doctoral candidate or wish to pursue further education in some country other than the U.S.

  • Title: Admitted
  • Author: Soundarya Balasubramani
  • Publisher: PractiSc Labs
  • Year of Publication: 2020
  • Genre: Non-Fiction/Educational Counseling
  • Pages: 417
  • Audience age: 12 to 18 years
  • Stars: 4 and half

How will this book help you know the university application and study abroad process?

There are 18 chapters in the book that lists everything you need to do. Moreover, there are activities, individual experiences and stories, firsthand accounts, data, and examples that can be put into action. It even has little notes that draw your attention to smaller steps. She helps you figure out how to choose the appropriate college. Even the process of writing an SOP has been boiled down to five simple questions. 

She lets you complete the timelines so you can keep a record of everything. This book will help you make a great application. It will give you a lot of information you can use to make good decisions. This book also comes with a lot of other useful resources. Apart from sample SOPs and resumes, there’s an invite to a very active Slack community and much more. Gaining letters of recommendation, transcripts, and other things.

How to apply to universities abroad?

You will find explaination on how and where to apply for scholarships, loans, and visas. The book also has supplementary information on ways to network and make your LinkedIn profile. This is a must for your professional online presence. You’ll enjoy the follow-up questions of each section, which will help you understand your goals better. It will also make you think about picking a new major or deciding if you should study abroad at all.

The author provides many insights, tools and resources throughout the book. The fun part is a pictorial legend she has created to differentiate information. It serves as a checkpoint for taking action and keeping perspective. The book has small illustrations that add a fun element and breaks the monotony of informative text. You will also find relevant quotes to support the content. The font and page layout is attractive with catchy flow of words. The lists and text boxes are highly helpful. 


Everything about this book works. It’s an A to Z book on everything you would want to know about university applications if you wish to study abroad.  It fills the information gap that people who want to study abroad would want. You wouldn’t want to waste time, so buy this book right away.  Do not overthink. It’s a very intricate book.

Additionally, it will save you money especially if you are planning on going to a consulting firm. It’s a one-stop resource for all of the information that’s spread across multiple platforms. Moreover, it includes personal experiences. This book gives you a way to make sense of all the chaos on the web and other platforms. 

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