Best Study Tables For Kids 

Study tables are an integral part of kids daily life. Almost every day kids sit for reading, writing, drawing, painting, solving maths problems, and completing their homework. Tables and chairs used by adults are not very convenient for kids. Study tables have to offer ergonomic comfort, convenience and support to the kids activities and development.

Moving further, let’s look at which are the 9 best study tables for kids according to age groups.

Best study tables for kids according to age groups

Study tables for kids between 3 to 8 years

Best study tables for kids under 8 years
Best study tables for kids under 8 years

Kids under 8 years are new to the world of literacy. Their attention span is less as compared to older kids and they get distracted or bored after a short time. Besides, they also get tired sitting and concentrating on a task for a long time. 

Moreover, Kids use these study tables for a variety of tasks like eating, colouring, reading, writing or playing. Kids this age are smaller and delicate so they need comfortable seating that is ergonomically designed for them. Additionally, they need some space for water bottles and colour pencils etc.

Prima Junior And Senior Study Table

Manufactured by Prima Plastics Ltd., this sturdy study table is medium-sized and weighs just 2.65 kilos. The dimensions and design are especially suitable and comfortable for kids (toddlers to age 5). Brightly coloured table with a mesmerising alphabet picture on the tabletop, young learners will be happy to use their study table. 

This one-piece table-chair unit is multi-functional. It can be used for drawing, eating, doing homework and similar activities. Available in multiple bright colours like blue, green, orange, red, rose pink, and yellow. There are two storage spaces for holding a cup/water bottle. 

Kids can also keep little stationery items like pencils, erasers, colour pencils and crayons. This study desk is strong and provides cosy seating for kindergarten kids. It is non-foldable and made with safe, non-toxic plastic material.

Junior Study Desk

This attractive and suitable desk for elementary kids (6 to 9 years) is available in eye-catching colour combination. The modern design and age-appropriate dimensions of this study table are very user-friendly for young kids.

You get a separate study table and chair in this product purchase. It is possible to assemble the product in easy steps using an instruction guide. The product is medium-sized and light weight.

This study table has a storage box below the tabletop flap. The chair gives full back support and has a wide base. It’s a strong and sturdy study table and chair, yet it is portable and lightweight so you can place it anywhere in your home. 

Study table for kids between 9 to 12 years

Best study tables for kids between 9 to 12 years
Best study tables for kids between 9 to 12 years

Kids between 9 to 12 years have more reading and writing to do at a desk as compared to their earlier years. These are their growing years and their space requirements are growing too. Moreover, these kids sit and work on their tasks for some more time as compared to their younger years.

Kids this age would rather play and run than sit in one place, so they get restless and uncomfortable sometimes. They also need to work on electronic gadgets like laptops for online classes or assignments. 

MemeHo Portable Foldable Study Table

This is a multi-purpose laptop table with enough space for keeping a glass or /water bottle, mobile or tablet and some stationery items. A laptop and a couple of books can be kept on the table surface. There is a groove for keeping a mobile/iPad or Kindle device. The two variant designs come with or without a glass holder groove and a tiny drawer.

The laptop table has an ergonomic design with rounded edges. It is available in attractive colours like black, blue, green, pink and wooden finish. This laptop table is foldable, portable and can be stored under a bed or sofa when not in use. The surface of this laptop table is made of thick, tough engineered wood. The foldable legs are made of strong aluminium alloy, are non-skid, painted and looks neat.

Table Magic Study Table 

You can use this table for keeping a laptop during online classes. It is suitable for middle grade learners and all age groups. The table can be used for study, playing games, doing work and eating meals. It is a multipurpose table, portable, easy to use, with 6 levels of adjustable height.

There is a simple three-point angle for adjusting the height of the tabletop. Besides, the easy tool less assembling of this table is effortless with the help of an instruction manual. The frame is made of steel with an epoxy coating for durability. It is manufactured by Spacex Furniture Pvt Ltd. and weighs only 3.2 kgs.

The table can be folded and kept under a sofa or bed. You can even carry it anywhere during your travel because it is foldable. There is a mandala and footrest variant design too. This sturdy metallic table can hold a weight of approximately 10 kgs. 

Compal Wall Mounted Folding Study Table

If you have some space constraints and need a wall-mounted, folding, sturdy tabletop then this might be the right choice. This study tabletop is wall mounted and folds against a wall. It is wide enough (design variants) to accommodate a couple of books and things. The table surface is of high gloss laminate and beneath the laminate is high-quality Green-ply plywood. 

Its frame is metallic and the top is wooden with laminate. This table is space-saving, multipurpose, foldable and has an elegant design. You can choose between their various table sizes to suit your purpose and the number of users. Also, it’s available in variety of colours like walnut brown or glossy white. When the table is folded, you can not see any metal parts, so it blends with the other furniture pieces. Metal parts are strong and powder coated. Installation is easy with the help of an assembly guide.

Springtek Joy And Me Study Table of Sheesham Wood for Kids

You get 2 chairs in this set with an option of buying 2 extra chairs if you wish. In many homes, children use the family dining table for study purposes especially when a parent helps in their studies. A normal dining table is not always suitable for children’s requirements as the chair could be high or the tabletop is high. Additionally, there can be too much distraction at the family dining table.

However, this problem is eliminated with the Springtek study table. The table chairs are made of pure Sheesham wood (Rosewood) and the colour is natural brown teak wood. They are multi-functional, reasonably priced, long-lasting, solid and specially made for kids. Teenagers and parents can also use this study table. It can easily fit in the children’s bedroom or living room as per family convenience. No assembly is required. 

Study Table For Kids above 13 years

Best study tables for kids above 13 years
Best study tables for kids above 13 years

For parents, kids are kids even when they become teenagers. So if you are looking for study tables for teenage kids then read further. Kids above 13 years are full of energy and prepare for a good life ahead. They have much reading, writing and exams to appear for. So they need space and comfortable arrangements for their studies.

Deskio Study Table With Storage

Teenage kids can use this as a study table/computer desk. There is enough space to keep a printer, books and other related material that kids require in their study. The study table also has storage shelves that are delivered neatly packed. You can easily assemble all the components as per the instructions manual provided in the package. 

Assembling could take some time but the effort will be worth it. The table and shelves are sturdy and look aesthetically pleasing. Yet do not move the table too much once it is assembled as there are nuts and bolts. The table surface is large and there is a horizontal storage shelf underneath. Moreover, there is a three-level vertical storage space beside the table. 

The thick metallic steel frame is strong and the table surface is of P2 perfect edge technology particle board. The particle board is scratch-resistant and durable for daily rough use. The shelves (as per your requirement) can be fitted on any side, which means the right or left side of the table.

Star Work Study Table

This study desk surface can accommodate a laptop, book, mouse and table lamp. The study table has a minimalistic and elegant look. It’s great value for money, easy to assemble, portable and foldable study table. The medium-sized storage basket at the side can keep things handy yet away from the table surface. Moreover, you can choose what size and colour of the study table you want.

Decor Master Multipurpose Study Table

This table can serve as a workstation, study table, office table or laptop table. It’s a foldable desk with a neat look. You can fold the table easily and store it when not in use. There are multiple colours and one design variant to choose from. The surface is made of high-density particle wood and the metal frame is sturdy and sleek. The table weighs 10 kgs.

If you already have adequate storage space, this table is perfect because it does not have any drawers or shelves. The surface is large enough to accommodate a laptop and books. Its simple to assemble as instructions are given in easy steps in the manual. All the materials for assembling the table are provided by the manufacturer. So if you don’t want a heavy-looking study table for teenagers, this is a great option as it looks light and has a modern look.

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Before you buy a study table for kids, what are the points to consider?

Ergonomic Design

In this context, ergonomic design means the table is designed by researching and adapting the design to suit the needs of the user. Kids are special individuals because of their young age, size and maturity. The design of the table impacts the productivity, mood and support their development. So check what are the dimensions and height of the table. All study tables don’t have adjustable angles or parts to lower or add height to the table.


Check if the table has in-built storage for keeping books, pens, pencils, crayons, etc. Some tables have storage shelves at the side or below the table. These storage shelves can be handy. Older kids might require desk space to keep multiple books, papers and a laptop. Additional space of shelves would help older kids to store their large variety of books. If you already have storage space then consider it while choosing the table.


Study tables for kids have a variety of surfaces like solid wood, engineered wood, steel, glass, aluminium, and plastics. According to age, you can decide if the material is suitable or not. For instance, if your child does colouring and painting you might prefer a plastic table for easy maintenance and durability.

Assembling the tables with the nuts and bolts provided by the manufacturing company is a breeze! The process is straightforward, and you’ll have no trouble following the printed instructions provided. While a chair may not always be part of the package of study table, there are plenty of fabulous options available for you to find the pair. Get ready to create the perfect setup for your study or workspace!


Kids are attracted to bright colors and beautiful things. The colors and design of their clothes, rooms, and games can affect their mood and well-being. When choosing study tables for young children, remember to consider their emotional and intuitive nature.


When it comes to creating an ideal study environment for kids, having a dedicated space can make all the difference. One practical solution that can enhance their study experience is a portable study table.

One of the advantages of a portable study table is its space-saving design. In smaller homes where every inch counts, the ability to fold or collapse the table when not in use can be a game-changer. It frees up valuable space that can be utilized for other activities, enabling a more organized living environment.

Not only does a portable study table provide practical benefits, but it also adds a touch of novelty to the study routine. Children may sometimes find it monotonous to study in the same room day after day. Introducing a different setting by setting up their study area in a new location can bring a refreshing change of scenery and ambiance. This variation can help reignite their motivation to learn and make the study experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, portable study tables come in various designs and materials to suit different preferences and needs. From sleek and modern to vibrant and colorful, there is a wide selection available in the market. Children can choose a table that matches their personal style, fostering a sense of ownership and creating a space that feels uniquely theirs.

To sum it up, a portable study table not only offers practicality and versatility but also has the potential to transform the way children approach their studies. By providing them with the freedom to study in different locations and adding an element of excitement through a change in environment, these tables can contribute to a more engaging and productive learning experience.


Now that you know a variety of best study tables for kids as per age group, you can make a choice. Kids feel good to have a study table that is special for them. They can feel accountable to keep it tidy. Moreover, they feel responsible, learn to allocate time and finish tasks when they sit down at their tables to study. They can sit and plan, review and summarise their progress as they accomplish tasks at their table. This article covers the best study tables and the check points to consider before purchasing study tables for kids.

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