BK Children’s Book Awards Nominations

Isn’t it exciting for parents and librarians to know which Indian children’s books are nominated for awards? Well, the Binod Kanoria (BK) children’s book awards nominations are out there for you. It’s an exciting time for young readers, parents and educators!

Children’s literature occupies a special and important place in the world of literature. Let’s jump to the long list of selected books in each category. From this list, the jury shortlists titles before they announce the winners.

The categories 

According to thebkawards Instagram profile and website, these are the categories.

  • Early Readers – English (6-8 years)
  • Hindi Early Readers (6-8 years)
  • Middle-Grade English (9-13 years)
  • Young Adult English (13 + years)
  • Illustrations in Hindi and English in picture books and early readers

The separate jury for English, Hindi and illustrations are eminent personalities in their field. 

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Early Reader (English) Long List Nominated Books for 2023

Mari’s March by Lavanya Kartik

Rockstar in a Sari by Pearl D’Silva

Who Clicked That Pic? By Nandita Da Cunha

Keshav’s Kolam by Keshav Kolam

My Grandmother Can’t Cook by Indu Balachandran

Roshan’s Road to Music by Mamta Nainy

Looking for Inspiration by Mamta Nainy

Wet Paint by Asha Nehemiah

The Girl Who Loved Words by Lavanya Kartik

I Am Fierce, Yes I Am by Natasha Sharma

Shore Walk by Yuvan Aves

Where I Belong by Nandita Da Cunha

Hindi Early Reader Long List Nominated Books

Gappu Gola by Jitendra Bhatia

Parchayi ka Khel by Indu Nayar

Rejisthan Mein Bus by Prabhat

Paani Dhar Dhar Barse by Sushil Shukla

Talab Ke Kinare by Soniya Agariya

Khajane Vala Tapu by Mamta Naini

Middle Grade (English) Long List Nominated Books 2023

After Midnight by Meghaa Gupta

A Conspiracy in Calcutta by Lesley D. Biswas

Stories of Trees from India by Katie Bagli

Our Wiggly Friends Earthworms by Sultan Ahmed Ismail 

Jamuna Begs to Differ by Priti David

Lost in Translation by Jyoti Shinoli

Tara and the Friendship Theorem by Chitra Soundar

Gobi Goes Viral by Vibha Batra

The Incredible Life of Savitribai Phule by Swati Sengupta

Meera Mukherjee: Breaking Moulds by Vaishali Shroff

100 Great Chronicles of Indian History by Gayatri Ponvannan

Abindranath House of Stories by Likla Lal

Ramanujan from Zero to Infinity by Arundhati Venkatesh

Munni Monster by Madhurima Vidyarthi

Batata, Pao and all Things Portuguese by Vaishali Shroff

Young Adults Category Long List Nominated Books for 2023

Up the Mountains of India by Mala Kumar

Her Name was Freedom by Anu Kumar

My Name is Cinnamon by Vikas Prakash Joshi

The Sometimes River and Remember Remember by Nayantara Nayar and Amulya B

The Vanguards of Azad Hind by Gayatri Ponvannan

Miracles for the Maharaja by Aditi Krishna Kumar

District Cup by Mallika Ravikumar

The Prophecy by Payal Dhar

Illustrations Category Long List Nominations 

Tenacity with Dada Saheb Phalke by Neeti Banerji

Meera Mukherjee: Breaking Mould by Shivam Choudhary

Parvati the Elephant’s Very Important Day by Tanya Vyas

Who Clicked That Pic? By Priya Kurian

Lady Tarzan, Jamuna Takes a Stand by Rajiv Eipe

Maithili and the Minotaur by Rajiv Eipe

Forests of the Forgotten Fears by Rajiv Eipe

So Many Leaves by Barkha Lohia

The Weather Report by Vishnu M. Nair

I am Fierce, Yes I am by Nirzara Verlurkar

A Tree of My Own by Barkha Lohia

Where is Mr. Thookam by Janan Abir

Jhupli’s Honey Box by Shivam Choudhary

As per the information given out officially by them, the long list was out on 10th September 2023, the Short List announcement on 1st October and the winners announcements on 13th October 2023.

Know more about Binod Kanoria (BK) Children’s Book Awards

Stories and illustrations are essential components of children’s literature. Children’s lives are enriched by storybooks that are original, creative and of high quality. 

Language and literature improve life and academic skills, including analytical thinking and reading comprehension, while also delighting with beautiful words.

Over the past few decades, Indian children’s publishing has produced outstanding material. However, these children’s books, authors and illustrators are hardly known.

Nowadays, more than ever, children ought to be encouraged to read and be exposed to literature which introduces fresh perspectives and helps them understand the world.

The Binod Kanoria Awards for Children’s Literature honours original writing and illustration. The awards were started by Nirbhay and Mansi Kanoria in honour of their grandfather, Mumbai businessman Shree Binod Kanoria, who adored children and reading. 

These awards acknowledge the important role of writers and illustrators in the arena of Indian children’s literature and motivate them to strive for good work. Moreover, regional literature in regional languages is encouraged. 

What is the award in the BK children’s book awards?

As per their Instagram page, there is an award ceremony at Mumbai’s Tata Lit Live Event, in which the winners are felicitated. According to the bkawards website, the winners in each category are honoured with a citation, a medal, and a monetary reward of Rs. 50,000. 

There are various categories, as mentioned above, in which the awards are conferred. 

The Jury for BK children’s book awards

There is an esteemed panel of jury members for illustrations and books in English and Hindi. 

For English language books, the jury comprises

  • Fearless, award-winning author Ms Paro Anand.
  • Innovative, visionary, founder and director of Bookworm (Goa) Ms Sujata Noronha. 
  • Children’s author Ms. Uma Krishnaswami with 25 books to her credit, translated into 14 languages, and teaches writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, USA.
  • A passionpreneur and co-founder of Trilogy, a curated bookshop and library, and a writer/editor of newspaper/magazine feature articles, Ms. Ahalya Naidu.
  • Editor and award-winning author Ms Himanjali Sankar.
  • Writer, poet, editor and teacher, Ms Sampurna Chattarji.

Jury for Hindi language books BK children’s book awards

  • Linguist, educationist and educational/editorial advisor Dr Mukul Priyadarshini.
  • Educationist, teacher, editor, and author Mr Manoj Kumar.
  • Prolific author, poet, author/playwright, and screenplay writer Mr Udayan Vajpeyi.

Jury for illustrations in BK children’s book awards

  • An award-winning prolific writer, illustrator of more than 30 children’s books and academician, Ms. Deepa Balsavar.
  • Renowned, award-winning artist and animator, storyteller and teacher, Ms.Nina Sabnani.
  • Award-winning illustrator, and graphic designer Ms. Proiti Roy.

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After reading this article, you have learnt more about the Binod Kanoria (BK) Children’s Book Awards. The winners will be announced on 13th October 2023. 

This is the second edition of the awards in 2023. The first edition was held in November 2022. There is anticipation and suspense around any awards and when children are the stakeholders, you can only imagine the excitement among the young readers.

It’s akin to opening a treasure box full of surprises with delightful stories to read, retell and create memories. Illustrations to observe and imagine the story as it proceeds.

Awards make the audience focus on reading and appreciating books. Additionally, the awards recognise, acknowledge and encourage English and Hindi language authors and illustrators in children’s literature in India. 

By now, you know the titles selected by the esteemed jury of the Binod Kanoria (BK) Awards for Children’s Literature 2023. This article is meant to create excitement and buzz around Indian children’s book awards.

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