Reading Instructions by Dr Sushama Powdwal

In this interview with eminent retired university librarian Dr Sushama Powdwal, we will learn the highlights of her career and her Udemy course on reading instructions.

Unlocking the Secrets of Early Reading Instructions: Insights from a Retired University Librarian with 35 Years of Experience

The function of a librarian continues to be vital in a world where fast information exchange and technology have transformed everything. From publishing research papers and books to organising seminars and workshops, promoting reading and managing libraries, the role of a librarian continues to evolve. 

About Dr Sushama Powdwal, Retired University Librarian and Creator of the Udemy Course on Reading Instructions for Children

From her first job as a College Librarian until her employment as a Deputy and the Chief University Librarian at the SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, Dr Sushama Powdwal has devoted herself constantly to the administration and advancement of information and knowledge.

In her career of over thirty-five years, Dr Sushama Powdwal has shown a relentless dedication to inspiring a passion for reading and learning. She has written and edited four significant Marathi books. Her research papers are published in peer-reviewed publications. She has been instrumental in planning seminars and workshops covering a range of subjects. 

Her knowledge has been acknowledged in foreign venues; she has presented at conferences in Malaysia and Spain. Her bi-weekly column on cookery in Loksatta, a Marathi daily, further highlighted her adaptability and love of books.

Beyond her published work, Dr Sushama Powdwal has been crucial in determining the direction of library science. She developed a systemetic training for library employees. Moreover, she organised a Certification Program on School and Children’s Librarianship. Other than this, she offered advisory services to new libraries and improve their operations. 

She has guided one M.Phil and seven Ph.D. students in Library and Information Science.

Interview with Dr Sushama Powdwal, Creator of Udemy Course on Reading Instructions.

Examining her outstanding career helps us to better understand the changing field of librarianship and the great influence one committed person can have on the sharing of knowledge.

1. Madam, You were Chief Librarian at SNDT Women’s University, with a Career of Thirty-Five years, What are Some of the Memorable Highlights of Your Job?

Some of the memorable highlights of my career are my visit to Spain to attend the IFLA Conference and presentation of paper on ‘Children’s Libraries in India’ in 1992. I could organise conferences, seminars and workshops for college and university librarians.

Apart from this, I could develop and implement a course for Library Attendants. I could design and develop reading orientations and other theme-based vacation programs for the JGMST Children’s Library at the SNDT Women’s University, Juhu Campus.

 Additionally, I have given consultancy to various libraries and helped to set up libraries while I was a University Librarian.

2. Considering Your Rich Background in Library Science and Librarianship, Do You Think Good Reading Culture Begins in Childhood? How Does Good Reading Habits Help in Academics?

Yes, Definitely! Reading, writing and arithmetic are considered building blocks in education, with reading being the first.  

An early exposure to books and reading helps in the long run. Reading is helpful in the overall personality development and scholarly development of children. 

Once a child gets to know what to read, how to read and what are the sources for information and knowledge, good reading habits get inculcated. 

For this, children need “Role Models” who are avid readers, innovative and creative teachers who include reading recommendations in their teaching; and librarians who guide them on how to read and recommend age-appropriate and ability-based reading material.

Once a love for reading is formed with regular reading habits, children learn to read with concentration. Later, they discern and choose the reading material they like. 

Their reading speed develops and later, this helps them in deciding what to read fast and what to read slow. This way, it will be easy for the teachers to show them the way to thinking and analyzing what is being read.

3. What are Your Thoughts on Reading Instructions and What Inspired You to Start a Course on Reading Instructions on Udemy?

Reading instructions or teaching how to read is extremely necessary at an early stage and actually, it starts from home. 

My work for the JGMST Children’s Library at the SNDT Women’s University, Juhu Campus, inspired me to conduct workshops on children’s literature. Then onwards I started reading about the process and types of reading, and children’s literature as well as the role of libraries in children’s reading. 

I started taking notes on this topic from 1992 onwards and also started to think that this material gives me some hints to develop into practical outcomes. To help myself in this endeavour, I completed one short course on Instructional Design from IDEMI in Chunabhatti, Mumbai. 

This course gave me an idea of how to develop an online course. Apart from this, I read the instructional material and learnt from the videos of Udemy on how to develop a course specially for Udemy. 

During the COVID period, my plan materialized when I recorded the videos. The videos were tested and then the whole process culminated in the Udemy Course on Reading Instruction. 

4. Who Should Take Your Udemy Course on Reading Instructions and How Will The Course Help Them?

My course at Udemy on “Reading Instructions” is primarily for parents, teachers, schools and children’s librarians who teach reading to children. 

Parents will get insights for developing a relationship with their child through reading, telling stories and talking to the child. They can imbibe a love for reading in children. 

Teachers will also get practical tips, through the exercises given in the course. They can teach reading step by step and according to age through the various projects and games suggested. Teachers can also help the children who are slow in reading. 

Librarians can teach reading and conduct orientation and literacy sessions through the books in the school library. School librarians can recommend books and reading material to the children with the help of a bibliography included in the course.

5. Why is it Important for Parents and Educators to Understand Reading Instructions?

When parents and educators understand reading instructions, they are equipped with skills to teach and guide in reading at different stages in children’s lives. They can influence the lives of the children positively. This is a rare opportunity to impact the lives of children through good books.

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6. How Do You Think Good Reading Instructions and Better Reading Comprehension Help a Child?

Good reading instructions and comprehension improve memory, focus and concentration. They lead the children on a journey of life-long and continuous learning and self-discovery.

7. What Are Some of Your Current Projects?

I am working on the bibliography of a historian and scholar, N. R. Phatak. I am also conducting workshops for the parents of nursery children and teachers as well as students on reading.

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Details on Dr Sushama Powdwal’s Udemy Course on Reading Instruction

Dr Powdwal’s commitment to education and learning is demonstrated by her creative online course at Udemy. The course emphasizes several facets of reading instructions. 

This course shows how the mother’s communication with her unborn child plays a critical part in laying the base for reading development. 

Through her Udemy course, you will learn the know-how for early reading development spanning prenatal communication, reading readiness of toddlers and elementary children, and teaching techniques to support reading as the children grow.

It addresses many phases of reading development, reading readiness, the reading process, speed reading, genres of children’s books, technology usage and teaching approaches. 

The course seeks to answer reading challenges and issues for educators and parents. Doing this course will equip you with efficient teaching techniques to foster a passion for reading among young people. 


When one considers the extraordinary career of Dr Sushama Powdwal, it is clear that she has made significant contributions to the field of library science and education. 

Her creative ideas about library management and development; her commitment to fostering a love of reading have positively influenced society. 

Her online Udemy course on reading instructions is evidence of her continuous dedication to education. It shows her conviction in the transformative power of reading. 

The course addresses reading challenges and issues for educators including school librarians and parents. It empowers them with tools to inspire a love of reading among children.

Through her varied and successful career, Dr Powdwal has demonstrated how libraries are dynamic centres of learning and development. The legacy of her work reflects that libraries are not merely book collections centres. 

Celebrating her successes reminds us of the indispensable part librarians play in our society. 

Their efforts in knowledge curating, preservation, and distribution are very priceless. Even as a retired University Librarian, Dr. Sushama Powdwal’s love of knowledge inspires everyone around her. 

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