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“Do Epic Shit” by Ankur Warikoo is a self-improvement book for entrepreneurs based on his personal life’s failures and accomplishments. He takes you along his life’s journey while sharing his insights and analyzing what he’s learnt from experience in order to assist us to be more conscious of those circumstances. 

His learnings provide essential life lessons that will inspire you to adopt them in your own life. In his narrative, he is insightful, humorous, and has straightforward real opinions.Ankur Warikoo’s authenticity and will to share his learnings honestly have contributed to making him one of India’s top personal brands. 

Ankur Warikoo biography?

As a leading content creator, Warikoo has a massive fan following on various social media platforms.  He speaks on the TED Talk platform to inspire and motivate people to find their passion, and increase productivity and entrepreneurship.

Ankur Warikoo Startups

Ankur Warikoo’s LinkedIn page states he started several internet-based businesses like nearbuy.com, gaadi.com, secondshaadi.com and Groupon India operations. He was also among the founder of Rocket Internet India business and co-founded jabong.com.

He is a successful writer and an educator who instructs online. Ankur Warikoo enjoys mentoring startups and operating as an angel investor in his personal time. As an online instructor, he teaches entrepreneurial and career management. So far, over 150,000 pupils have enrolled in his self-development courses. 

Ankur Warikoo education

He was educated in Physics, BS at Hindu College (Delhi University), and MS at Michigan State University. He would also have completed his PhD in Physics but preferred to drop out.

Ankur Warikoo top lists

  •  Fortune Magazine’s India 40 Under 40 List
  •  LinkedIn India’s Top Voices 2018-2020
  • Again, LinkedIn India’s Spotlight List
  • Business Today’s India’s Top Executives Under 40

He’s a New York Times best-selling novelist. His first book, “DO EPIC SHIT,” was published in 2021 and debuted at number one on the Nielsen bestsellers list in India. In order to get good insights, you have to read his book “Do Epic Shit”.

Ankur Warikoo Quote
Ankur Warikoo Quote in “Do Epic Shit”

Who can read “Do Epic Shit”?

Teenagers and anybody looking for motivational personal development books from real entrepreneurs can read this book. The book is brief, charming, and sincere, and it’s sprinkled generously with heartwarming personal experiences.

Inside one of the chapters, Ankur Warikoo describes how his father made certain monetary chances that did not pay off, causing major hard times. In some other parts, Author Ankur Warikoo describes how he did not clear the IIT JEE exam as his family expected and this caused real sorrow to them. He is an inspiration for young people for despite some setbacks he continues to be a successful writer, entrepreneur and content creator.

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So what’s in the book “Do Epic Shit”?

Reading this book will remind you of habits, mindset and wisdom with a retrospective look back at Ankur Warikoo’s experiences. This is a book that should be read several times, with essential points highlighted and pondered over. Warikoo gathers his impactful thought patterns, philosophy and actionable in his debut book. He writes about success and failures, habits, awareness, relationships, entrepreneurship and money. So read further to know more about what you will learn from this book.

Making better decisions as a result of increased awareness

Don’t let your fears of what others might say influence your decisions. Everyone is apparently competing in their own race. In reality, we’re not even competing because each is on one’s own journey. Remember, you only have one life to live so live a life of joy pursuing your passion. Reading this book, you will learn to question yourself and come back on track in case you are wavering.

You have the freedom to be whatever you choose and to have as many identities as you want. Don’t go through life as if you’re only one person because you have multiple facets. There’s so much more in the book that will raise your awareness and you will become mindful of your thinking pattern and decision making.

Ankur Warikoo quote in "Do Epic Shit"
Ankur Warikoo quote in “Do Epic Shit”

Every habit adds up and has the potential to lead you to success

What you do, not what you claim you’ll do, defines you. If you say you’re going to do something and then don’t follow through, it’s a waste of time. That joy and emotion is a great triumph when you set out to complete five things in the morning and wind up doing more.

We procrastinate because we are afraid, not because we are lazy. Humour, money management, cold emailing, human psychology, and the skill of putting across thoughts and ideas are the most crucial skills nowadays. So what are the habit-forming strategies you can adopt, that will take you towards action rather than just contemplation? Read this book to know more about all these habits and you will get the right mindset too.

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Ankur Warikoo reveals some simple yet powerful practices.

Always carry a small notebook for quick notes. Document everything that happens in life in a daily diary. Put all your plans and schedules in a calendar so you know your priorities. Schedule email to oneself for the future. Use technological tools to the fullest extent feasible, like Google tools and notion. Besides, create a self-WhatsApp group for quick notes, links, documents, etc.

You’ll attract more possibilities if you follow people that inspire abundance and the right mindset on social media. Our senses assist us in taking action. Rewire your environment to focus on the things that are most important to you. The book also includes a number of other habit suggestions.

Lessons about the fundamentals of financial management, mistakes, investments, and deception

Take risks early on and don’t worry about the ups and downs in the short run. Wait till the appropriate time comes to make a purchase. Wait for the market to go down in price. Live within your means while you’re in your twenties. Avoid placing your entire savings into liquid investments. Don’t let a rise in your money lead to an increase in your lifestyle.

Don’t make investments in the hopes of making quick money. Diversification isn’t as important as doubling what’s working. These and many more financial management details are in the book.

“Do Epic Shit”: Reflections and learnings from decades of entrepreneurship.

Don’t just sit in one spot, take action by exploring many options. Get out of your current situation by trying a lot of different things until you find one that you like. Keep an open mind. We have the ability to ask questions from birth.

Our parents and teachers, on the other hand, force us to stop asking questions. You’re naturally inquisitive so don’t hesitate to ask queries. In a society where people are afraid of being labelled as stupid, nurturing your curiosity is the trendiest thing you can do.

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Ankur Warikoo quotes from "Do Epic Shit"
Ankur Warikoo quotes from “Do Epic Shit”

Discussion of success and failure, as well as how to use failures to your benefit.

You must state your concept of success and stick to it as everyone has their unique idea of success. Allowing the world to set your success and failure rules is a bad idea. Rather than being preoccupied with the rat race and never understanding yourself, be preoccupied with discovering yourself. Have a relationship with yourself if you want to be successful. 

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to do things differently, but it’s even more uncomfortable to live your life according to others’ patterns. Those who make things happen are the ones who get lucky. Every day and every instant offers you the chance to let your actions determine your fortune. Remember, your good fortune is the outcome of your efforts.

“Do Epic Shit”: Relationships with others and with oneself, as well as developing empathy

The majority of individuals are afraid of being themselves. However, it is one of the most interesting ways to attract attention. Don’t attempt to please others in your life. It’s the very worst way to live. You hand over control of your life to others when you do so and live for external validation.

All of the world’s issues stem from miscommunication. Communication is the basis of relationships with co-workers, employers, companies, families, and society at large. It is quite powerful to be kind. Although not everyone will reciprocate, doing so is always the proper thing to do. Don’t hang around with people who are unwilling to mend themselves, who are unhappy with their circumstances and do nothing to change it. 

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“Do Epic Shit” by Indian author Ankur Warikoo, is a great guide to self-improvement for developing an entrepreneurial mindset and habits.  It’s written in very simple and easy language with ideas and thoughts that will help young people and adults. Each and every individual can read it, no matter where you are in life.

It will help you become more conscious of so many things. Moreover, consider giving this book to family, friends, and strangers as a present. His writing style is so warm, friendly and conversational that you will feel you are not alone in your journey. There is reliable Ankur Warikoo to guide you. If you found this article useful, kindly subscribe to the blog.

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