Getting There by Samir Deokuliar

If you are feeling demotivated, lack clarity and wish for advice on a success mindset, then this book will surely be an interesting read. “Getting There” by Samir Deokuliar is an engaging and helpful book on motivation and mindset. 

Right from the beginning, the narrative will pull you into the book with examples from the author’s personal life experiences. The white minimalistic book cover with hand-drawn illustrations is unpretentious. The simple language without additional fluff and jargon shows you the sincere, straightforward and honest approach in the author’s narrative. 

About the author Samir Deokuliar

Samir Deokuliar is a mechanical engineer by qualification but he discovered early that his calling lies in coaching people in human relations in the corporate world. 

He is a speaker at conferences, seminars and events in India and abroad, talking on diverse topics like leadership, building teams, work-life balance, handling stress and other topics that concern his audience. Apart from this, he is also an associate consultant with a UK-based consultancy firm that works with several organisations and corporates.

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Samir Deokuliar also runs a company, Humans Not Machines (HnM) that addresses the human mindset and relationship aspect in the corporate world.

The multi-talented author, Samir Deokuliar, has also illustrated catchy doodles for his first book “Getting There”, interspersed occasionally between the nuggets on finding your purpose and defining your ideas of success.

Review of “Getting There”, Author Samir Deokuliar

getting there by samir deokuliar
  • Title: Getting There
  • Author: Samir Deokuliar
  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Ebenezer Printing House
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Genre: Motivational, Self-Help
  • Stars: 5 out of 5 

Key ideas from the book

The author says, we wake up every morning and do what society expects us to do. We have hope and endeavour to be successful in our work and personal life. Life is a marathon, though we get caught up in short-term goals and tasks in the daily grind. So, we need to think deeper and evaluate the fundamentals of all our efforts.

The book has ten nuggets/chapters, ideas from some chapters are given below.

Finding one’s purpose is difficult if you are tied up in being busy.

If you don’t spare a moment to reflect on your true calling, how will you find your true calling or passion? Here, the author discusses ways or thought processes by which you can find these answers. The “Reflect and Act” segment after every chapter/nugget has actionable ideas you can reflect over. 

Rethink ideas of success, commonly associated with money and fame.

Other than money and fame, many people consider taking care of their family needs means success. For others, success means adding value to other people’s lives. Giving many real-life examples and genuine thoughts, the author discusses how you can get clarity on your idea of success. The author’s views help a great deal, for you to reflect on what you must look for in success.

Being true to oneself and authentic is powerful. 

Samir Deokuliar advises you not to be someone you are not. It is not easy to be authentic and acknowledge the truth. Sometimes it can be challenging and make you feel vulnerable and disarmed. 

Listen and understand rather than just hear.

When you are around people who speak the same language, wear the same kind of clothes and live the same kind of life; you may feel you understand them. But do you? The author talks of better ways you can listen and understand others.

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Nuggets of wisdom and clarity

Apart from these, there are more nuggets of wisdom in the book, that are brilliant, impactful and give clarity. As you complete each chapter, the ideas become more deeper and you will feel a change in your thought process. Because the book has an honest narrative that comes from experience and personal reflection, it is convincing and touches your heart.


If you want authentic ideas that are insightful, and practical, then “Getting There” is a great reading choice. You can reflect on the learnings from the book because it provides you with a dotted line you can walk on to find your purpose and get clarity on what success means to you.

This book can be a guide to young people and employees to enhance their productivity and life satisfaction. HR professionals could get inspiration to create helpful programs (resource-the author himself), guides and lectures for their staff. Students of all age groups could also benefit from this book to get useful insights that they could apply in their lives.

The experiences, reflections and questions shared by the author will entice you to think deeply. You will feel as if a wise friend is sitting next to you, sharing important life advice to live a fulfilling life.

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