Do People Read Books Anymore?

Whenever you see books, have you wondered do people read books anymore? This is a question that arises often because we live in an era of the digital revolution. Technology has changed the way we work, learn, live and transact in our daily to-day functioning. Communication and lifestyle have been hit in a big way by the internet revolution. 

So people are increasingly seen using their mobile smartphones, and laptops. Because of this, there is a common perception that do people find time to read books anymore. 

Is Reading Books In Decline?

Agreed, there are some threats to the reading habit. However, the benefits that individuals get from reading books are what draws them to reading books. If you are conscious of these benefits that you derive from reading books, then you will be a book reader for life. 

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Reading physical books can never become completely obsolete. Though a percentage of book readers have shifted from doing all their reading from physical copies to doing some of their reading on electronic devices. 

On the other hand, not all books are available on kindle devices. Some interesting studies have shown that better learning takes place by using physical books. Some readers prefer to use physical books for their reading, due to better comprehension or some other reason. 

Reading comprehension could be adversely impacted while reading on electronic devices, mainly because of the glare and flicker of the screen. 

Above all these factors, a major concern is a distraction due to social media. The ease of creating content on social media has given an impetus to a boom of casual content creators. Lifestyle and entertainment are some of the niches in which content is created at an alarming rate. 

Is Reading Books Still Popular?

Yes, reading books is popular even today. There are some reasons, despite the onslaught of digital platforms, the habit of reading books continues to thrive. One of these reasons is the promotion of books by “Bookstagramers”, YouTubers, youth icons and high-profile personalities like Bill Gates. Social media icons and business leaders routinely promote reading books.

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All of these have maintained an interest in reading non-fiction and fiction books among the literate. Proof of this is an increase in the number of books published every year. 

The startup culture has created a thirst for information and motivation among the youth. People of all age groups aspire to improve their economic, psychological and spiritual well-being along with their lifestyle. So, they look for ideas that will inspire, motivate and enlighten them. 

book genres read by Indian men women kids
Book Genres favoured by Indian Women, Men and Children

People increasing look for books that will help them in this journey of self-discovery and improvement. Today, apart from buying books, people also have the option of listening to book summaries on mobile applications, reading book abstracts and joining libraries to borrow books. 

However, true book lovers know that listening to summaries and reading abstracts will only give them a brief. But reading the book, bit by bit, every day, will give them more benefit and satisfaction.

What Age Group Reads The Most? Does Gen Z Read More Than Other Generations?

Every generation shares some common national, regional and socioeconomic events. Because of these shared experiences, generations growing up in these circumstances tend to form some beliefs and habits that could have a common thread. 

In addition to these, other factors influence the generation. For instance, the socioeconomic background of their family, their parent’s beliefs, the philosophies, customs and culture the generation is growing up in.

So, in India, we see the 

  • Pre-independence generation (1928-45)  – Fighters
  • Post-independence generation (1946-1964) – Liberated
  • Political changes and liberalisation generation (1961-79) – Gen X
  • Rise of the middle class, computers and consumerism (1980-95) – Gen Y
  • Digital developments, turn of the century (1996-2010) Gen Z

The millennials certainly seem to have taken to reading books, going by the Instagram hashtag results. Non-fiction books especially, self-development, productivity, motivational, and fiction books seem to be on their reading lists.

book format indian people read
Book format prefered by Indian people for reading

There has been a rise in the number of book readers, especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak, the Nielsen book survey report reveals. You must know that India’s book market is complex because of its diverse languages, large population and wide territory. 

The latest report by Nielsen BookData (2022) is not published at the time of writing this article. But the Kids and Family Reading report, a survey conducted by Scholastic India has encouraging data.

Why is the Habit of  Reading Books Important?

Reading habit is great for developing vocabulary, language and understanding the world around us. Right from a young age, storytelling and reading help in getting informed about various concepts, faraway places, people, situations, and a lot more. 

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Even before a baby learns to walk, you can start telling stories and do picture talk. Soft cloth books, alphabet and number board books, and picture books are great ways to start the reading journey in kids up to 6 years old. With phonics books, kids aged 5 to 7, can learn to form words and read sentences. 

Picture books, chapter books and novellas are great for elementary kids (up to age 8/9 years)  to develop vocabulary and reading fluency. By middle school, independent readers have a better-developed vocabulary and can read novels, classics and non-fiction books. 

Moreover, the Indian CBSE board has introduced a Reading program and Budding Authors program to encourage reading and creative writing skills among Indian children.

Senior school kids read novels, nonfiction and self-study, and recommended books. These help them to expand their knowledge. A society that has avid readers is enlightened and will not indulge in wasteful topics. 

Benefits of reading for all age groups-

  • Mental stimulation
  • Develops curiosity in knowing more about the world we live in
  • Improves vocabulary
  • Reduces stress
  • Learn from other people’s experience
  • Knowledge addition
  • Learn how to communicate
  • Stimulates creative thinking
  • Helps to develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Reduce boredom and brings fresh thoughts
  • Calms the mind
  • Improve writing skills

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Reading habit is beneficial for people of all ages as it keeps them informed, entertained, equips them to manage their life and reduces stress. 

Do People Read Books Anymore and Can You Earn Money By Reading Books?

Yes, these days you can earn money just by reading books. This is possible because of the digital revolution. Youtube content creators who make content based on book summaries in English or any native language require people who can read books and write summaries. 

These summaries are then converted into youtube video episodes with the help of animation, slides and voice-over. Book summaries are also required by businesses that run mobile apps on book summaries. 

Another profession is proofreading. So if an author is writing a book then they will begin with writing a manuscript or a draft.  A proofreader has to read manuscripts and make corrections before it is sent for printing. 

These are the professions that are directly connected with books. Additionally, countless people have taken the help of books to understand and get new insights about their chosen career path. 

Reading fiction and non-fiction books on diverse topics helps in understanding our environment, relationships, work and life.


People are reading books and in fact, Indian authors have revitalized the literary scenario in India. So, if you were wondering if do Indian people read books anymore, then you doubts will be cleared. Readers have a choice of Indian fiction books and non-fiction self-development books for people of all ages.

Children’s fiction is booming in India as picture books and chapter books on a variety of themes are being brought out in the market. Local culture and narrative in these fiction books make enjoyable reads for Indian readers. International authors and Indian authors, both are favoured by Indian readers.

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