Books Are Our Best Friends

Since childhood, most people form a relationship with books. You learn to identify letters from alphabet books, learn concepts and read textbooks to progress in school. During this phase, you could have heard that books are our best friends. If you wondered why they say so, then read this article. 

8 Reasons Why Books Are Our Best Friends

Books Do Not Judge You

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Judging others is common among all human beings and even though people become friends they don’t stop judging each other. But “best friends” are special.

Books are an entity that does not judge the reader. They only do what they are meant to do. 

Authors of good books either inform, educate, entertain or persuade the readers with their point of view. Like best friends, good books do not judge the readers based on their colour, gender, race, economic status or any other factor. 

Reading Books Gives You A New Perspective

Books have all the knowledge the world has to offer. Reading books add to your knowledge and this helps in looking at things differently. Getting a new perspective means you need to interact with learned friends at a deep level so that thoughts and opinions surface in the conversation.

In these busy times when most people do not have time, temperament, knowledge, insights or willingness to sit down and discuss difficult topics, like best friends, books help us with a new perspective on looking at things.

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Books Will Give You The Best Advice and Alternatives

Self-help books have a massive number of readers globally because authors, like best friends, give the best advice.

Authors give the best advice and alternatives for common concerns that people have in various areas of their life. Most people are ignorant in areas such as managing difficulties in relationships, careers, health, knowledge, concepts and mindset. 

Expert authors, like best friends, reach out to readers through their books giving out solutions, knowledge and information to readers.

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You Can Get Inspiration and Motivation by Reading Books

A variety of books on diverse topics are written by learned authors. These books, like best friends, can give you inspiration and motivation if you read and reflect. 

We all need inspiration in different areas of our life from time to time. For this, we turn to best friends and teachers to get advice.

Books written by authors who have walked the path and learnt lessons from working in their field can, in turn, inspire and motivate you through their books.

In this way without fumbling or learning lessons the hard way, you can learn these lessons by reading books by these authors. 

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5. You Can Travel To Places With a Book

Adventure books, fantasy books, and other stories will take you to places where you have never been before.

So, good adventure books will take you to places while you are sitting in one place. Reading adventure books is as thrilling as going on an adventure with your best friends. Fantasy books create a fantasy world that you have never dreamt of before.

Travelogues give you information about places and experiences you may aspire to visit. So, while sitting in one place you get to know about people and diverse places.

This broadens your mind, it gives you a feeling that there is a world larger than what you know of and there are several possibilities. Moreover, you can carry books anywhere you go and go on peaceful trips with them.

6. Reading Books Can Cheer Up Your Mood

Whenever you feel your mood is down, picking up and reading a good book will cheer your mood.

While reading books you get so involved in the content that you forget your troubles and you are transported into the world inside the book. 

This detachment from your current troubles can help you cheer up your mood. Reading humorous books can bring a smile to your face just like best friends would.

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7. Reading Books Can Calm Your Mind

If you are feeling anxious and troubled by something and want to get some respite from the matter, all you need to do is pick up a good book.

You will soon be carried away into the author’s world where you will get a fresh perspective of the author.  

Things the authors discuss in the book will help you overcome the troubles and move away from anxiety. Additionally reading books can add years to your life.

8. Sleep Better by Reading Books

Some people have trouble sleeping and do not fall asleep within half an hour of touching their head to their pillow because a variety of thoughts flood their minds. If this happens to you then probably, you must consider reading good books as a bedtime routine.

This is because, like best friends talking to you, books will talk to you about stories and interesting information. 

Reading books is like therapy and slowly as you read on your comfortable bed, you will feel calm and relaxed as you drift into sleep.

Parting Lines

So, by now you must have realised why books are our best friends. They never let us down and books are always there for us whenever we want them.

Books always give away the information they have without any secrecy. They share joy and bring cheer and adventure. Books advise like best friends and give you knowledge and perspective.

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