Science Fiction Book for Kids

Looking for a science fiction book for kids? This article will offer an interesting science fiction book written by a teenaged author. 

What is Science Fiction?

Science fiction can include time travel, bio-medical war or its unethical use for mass destruction, underwater discoveries like never before, natural resources, disasters, galaxies, aliens, supernatural powers and fantastical events involving science. Fiction is imaginary and speculative so there are infinite possibilities that can happen in a fiction story.

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If your child reads science fiction with interest, then giving them similar books will help in developing their reading habit. So, here is a science fiction book for kids, written by a young teenage writer.

Why do Kids Love to Read Science Fiction? 

While there are other types of fiction, kids love to read science fiction because sci-fi has so many unknown adventures and surprises. Reading science fiction books is like a roller-coaster ride. You never know what scientific adventure is coming next to shock or surprise you.

The Cosmos at War

  • Author – Nachiket Bhat
  • Publisher – BriBooks
  • Year of Publication – 2022
  • Pages – 47
  • Genre – Science fiction in Children’s literature
  • Stars – 4.5 out of 5

Large and full-page colourful illustrations on good quality glossy paper with good binding make this book very attractive.

The story is about a sinister alien named Trimotor who wants to control the cosmos including our solar system. 

To begin with, the alien has war bots that capture a dwarf planet. After his first victory, he grows more ambitious and wants to capture and control everything in space.

Does Trimotor’s ominous vision come true? How can he control the planets and the fiery Sun? Who are the Robo-war-engineers and what is their role in this evil plan?

Is there any hope and what happens in the end?

Read this fast-paced and interesting science fiction book to know the complete story.

Final thoughts

Written creatively by a promising young Indian author, the story will take you to several places in the universe, zooming past planets and witnessing the unimaginable in outer space.

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Reading a science fiction book can help kids in many ways, such as stimulating imagination about the infinite possibilities of science. Sci-fi stories introduce out-of-box ideas and create awareness about the altruistic use of science.

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