Why Do We Like to Read Crime Stories?

Growing up most young adults like to read crime stories such as murder mysteries for a variety of reasons, as the genre offers a unique combination of aspects that engage readers. 

Crime Stories

Here are some reasons why people enjoy reading crime stories and mysteries:

Intrigue and Suspense: 

Crime stories and mysteries are recognized for their suspenseful narratives and unexpected turns. Readers like the challenge of trying to solve the mystery with the characters and often find the unpredictability of the plot intriguing.

Intellectual Challenge: 

Solving a mystery demands critical thinking and deduction skills. Readers like using their thoughts as they strive to piece together clues, assess evidence, and anticipate the resolution of the story.


Crime stories and mysteries can take readers to a foreign realm, letting them to escape from their own reality. The tense element of the genre can be a kind of enjoyment and a way to briefly disengage from daily stress.

Character Development: 

Many crime stories and mysteries involve complex personalities, both detectives and suspects. Readers may be attracted by the psychological characteristics of the characters, their motives, and how they change over the novel.

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Sense of Justice: 

The resolution of a crime mystery often involves the restoration of justice. Readers may find comfort in seeing the criminal identified and brought to justice, bringing a sense of closure and order.

Social and Cultural Commentary:

Some murder mysteries cover social concerns and cultural backgrounds, utilizing the crime as a lens to investigate bigger themes. This adds complexity to the story and can lead readers to ponder on real-world situations.

Genre Diversity: 

Crime mysteries exist in numerous sub-genres, such as cozy mysteries, police procedurals, and psychological thrillers. This diversity helps readers to choose stories that cater to their individual likes and interests.

Human Nature Exploration: 

Crime stories have mystery that typically dig into the depths of human nature, probing the darker sides of the human psyche. This investigation of motives, relationships, and moral challenges can be thought-provoking for readers.

Puzzle Solving: 

The framework of a crime mystery frequently involves solving a puzzle. Readers like piecing together facts, connecting dots, and forming conclusions, creating a sense of success when the mystery is unraveled.


Experiencing dread and peril in a controlled, fictional context can be cathartic for readers. It allows people to address and navigate difficult emotions in a safe environment.

Let’s review a crime story, Hurda, a murder mystery set in modern rural India written by an Indian author Atharva Pandit.

hurda murder mystery

Hurda Book Review: A Crime Story by Indian Author Set in Modern Rural India

This is a fictional crime story authored by Atharva Pandit, but, based on a true incident that happenend earlier.

A crime that happenend in Murwani, a village in Maharashtra, on Valentine’s Day 2013, three sisters Anisha, Sanchita, and Priyanka disappear from school in the afternoon. 

No one knows where they went or why, but everyone thinks they were bad. The narrative reflects the attitude, perception and mindset of society towards women. 

Six years later, a Mumbai journalist returns to the crime scene to put together what happened.

Hurda is told by the people whose lives intersected with the three sisters. Based on a genuine event, this tale uses a surgical knife to expose modern India’s widespread misogyny. 

Hurda is a wild, intense, frightening whodunit and a look at perspectives and biases towards women, introducing a fresh South Asian voice.


Overall, the appeal of murder mysteries resides in the combination of intellectual stimulation, emotional engagement, and the gratification of uncovering a gripping plot. Additionally, you came to know an intriguing murder story book review of Hurda, set in rural India that shows the mindset, systems and getting justice.

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