Creative Courses After 12

Even before completing grade 12, the most prominent thought process is getting admission to a great undergraduate course of your interest. If you have a creative bent of mind, you may look for courses that will use your artistic instinct as well as build your skills, with an eligibility of grade 12. It is a crucial life decision because you will want a profession that is financially rewarding and fulfilling your artistic interests.

This article will tell you which are those professional creative courses after grade 12.

B.Des (Bachelor of Design)

This is a four-year course that will make you professionally qualified to work in any of the design fields.  You should pursue a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) if designing as such is interesting to you. You could consider exploring this option.

There are many specializations within the B.Des course which you can develop further with a postgraduate degree as well.

Graduates of this course can pursue satisfying and productive careers in

  • fashion,
  • UXUI,
  • graphic design,
  • textile design,
  • communication design,
  • interior design, or
  • product design.

Aesthetics and design, among various other subjects, will all be covered in the course.

After doing this bachelor’s course in design, you can complete your masters in any of the specialized subjects like fashion, visual communication, industrial design, UXUI, and others.

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

If you enjoy creating and performing art, you should consider pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. It includes the visual arts, such as

  • painting,
  • sculpture,
  • photography,
  • printing,

and such others in the BFA program.

In this course, you will explore various artistic practices, discover your style, and get a deeper knowledge of these topics.

It is a three to four-year undergraduate course offered by well-known colleges, universities and private institutes. After completing this course, you can be an artist/painter, or actor, specialize in multi-media, assist an art director, graphic designer, or animator or complete a master’s degree in any of the specializations.

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BMM (Bachelor in Mass Media)

A BMM degree can open doors to interesting and intriguing careers in the media sector. This course covers journalism, advertising, public relations, and even filmmaking. You will learn how to make short films, as well as write and design efficient advertising. Additionally, this degree is among one of the most sought after creative courses after grade 12.

The media sector is booming because of internet accessibility as there are OTT platforms, social media and so on. If you have an aptitude for media-related work like reporting, creating various types of media, and copywriting, then with this course, you can pursue a career in television, newspapers, radio and other online media houses.

BJMC (Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication)

If you enjoy writing and reporting, you should think about getting a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) degree and skillset. This course teaches

  •  journalism,
  • news reporting,
  • content development, 
  • media management.

After completing this course, you can takeup interviewing, news writing, and be a media ethics expert. It is a three-year undergraduate course suitable for people who are enthusiastic about all aspects of journalism and mass communication.

Through this degree course, you will get the skills to write/report news and editorial pieces, photojournalism, graphic designing, video editing, and public relations. There is no stopping you to study further and complete a post-graduate degree too.

Equipped with this degree and skillset, you could work for media houses or do freelance work.

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Bachelor of Animation and Multi-Media

If you enjoy animation and visual effects, a Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Multimedia is the perfect calling for you because it will transform your hobby into a career. Animation, 3D modelling, game design, visual effects and much more are all part of this course.

 In animation, computer-generated images bring characters and tales to life so you will learn to use these techniques.

With the advent of various animation software and the demand for animation in movies, advertisements, and other platforms, it is an exciting time for multi-media-related education and careers.

Bachelor of Fashion Design:

A Program for those people who have a deep interest in Fashion. This course covers topics such as,

  • fashion sketching,
  • garment manufacturing,
  • fabric choosing, and
  • merchandising.

If you are interested in trends, fusion, innovation, textiles, culture, production, merchandising and various aspects of fashion, then this course will benefit you.

You will develop fashionable designs, research current fashion trends, and present your collections on a catwalk.

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Bachelor of Film and Television Production:

This Bachelor of Film and Television Production study covers various aspects of the creative and technical elements of film and television production.

If you have a passion for these aspects of film-making, then doing this course will change your life course. Filmmaking, directing, editing, screenwriting, and production management are among the interesting course contents. This training prepares you for a fulfilling career in film and TV work.

This course will prepare you with the skillset for film and television-related professions.

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Bachelor of Event Management

If you like planning and managing events, consider a bachelor’s degree in event management because you will get ample opportunity to plan and execute events. Moreover, you will earn good money too. Moreover, if you have people skills, organizing and managing tactics then this course will be enjoyable for you.

This course teaches participants to arrange, organise, and execute weddings, conferences, exhibitions, and concerts. You will get repeat orders if you do a good job. With this course, you could work in corporate houses, media houses, companies or freelance as an event manager. You could also go abroad to study/specialize in this course.

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Bachelor of Architecture

This is a five-year undergraduate course in architecture that teaches you the fundamentals of design, space, planning and constructing habitable spaces. If you have a flair for designing layouts, aesthetics and planning, then this course will be interesting for you.

After completing this course, you can become a licensed architect. Then, you can work in private companies, governmental organizations or freelance. This way you can be involved in all the little details of planning and designing the layouts of buildings and spaces. Additionally, you could also turn to interior designing.


Choosing any of these creative courses after grade 12 may be advantageous in today’s ever-changing work environment. Enrolling in such a course might help you enhance your talents in design, fine art, media, architecture, animation, journalism and fashion. Indulge in an innovative adventure by following your instincts and discovering your latent creative potential.

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