Be Obsessed or Be Average

Book review of Be Obsessed or Be Average

Anybody who wants to succeed must read this life-changing productivity book “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” by Grant Cardone. His engaging language, stories and examples will make you concentrate on your goals if you wish for extraordinary success.

About Author Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a reputed entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. His writing style is straightforward, engaging and supported by several examples and anecdotes. He is the CEO of Cardone Capital with more than 4 billion dollars in assets.

As an author, he has eight business books to his credit and is part of thirteen business programs. Apart from this, he is the CEO or partner of seven other companies and listed as a top business influencer (social media) by Forbes.

As a consultant, he travels the world for consultation with Fortune 500 companies, governments and industries. His LinkedIn profile says that success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.

Let’s find what “Be Obsessed or Be Average” is about.

This dynamic manual asks if mediocrity has value, doing the predictable and routine will fetch great results. He says, being mediocre is acceptable in society and few are obsessed with their extraordinary big goals.

Personal examples of the author

Cardone recalls moments when he had his multimillionaire goals. His life illustrates the value of compulsive thinking that unleashes the potential to break free from mediocre life. This obsession to get extraordinary success is what pushed Grant Cardone to transform from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful multimillion-dollar businessman.

Cardone thinks obsession can make you great if you set goals and have tenacity. Personal stories reveal how obsession helped Cardone flourish. 

Being average and safe or having huge ambitions and refusing to settle

Average and safe don’t work anymore. Obsessively pursue your huge ambitions and refuse to settle. Only then can you join the industry builders, game changers, innovators, and top performers in your sector?

Success requires dedication which trumps strategy, time, and competition. Obsession is the only way you can change the world.

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10X Rule to maximize results

Cardone compares obsession to attention, perseverance, and other qualities. He encourages his audience to aim high and provides instances of his “10X Rule,” which instructs people to work ten times harder to achieve their goals.

Follow your interests for “Work-life balance”

Cardone disagrees that work-life balance is important. He encourages having a balanced professional-personal integration for a well-rounded life. He believes that following interests is the only route to happiness and that settling for less than our full potential is the surest way to never achieve it.

Some important ideas from the book

Overcoming worry and rejection is helpful because past failures should act as motivation. Cardone advises readers to see failures as a learning experience and to continue working on their goals. Throughout the book, Cardone explores various aspects of obsession, including,

  • Audacious goal-setting,
  • Dream big
  • Take massive action
  • Not settle for mediocrity
  • Mindset that allows one to fully immerse in passion
  • Overcome fear and rejection
  • Take full responsibility for your life
  • Work ethics
  • Persistence

This book emphasizes self-determination, writing our narrative, stop blaming others and taking charge of our life.

I think, “Be Obsessed or Be Average” gives good advice, but some readers may find the author’s incessant striving too much. Not everyone might like Cardone’s straightforward approach. Most people prefer a work-life balance by attending to other areas of their life too. However, if you wish to have 10x success then this book will inspire you.


Finally, reading this book will motivate you to reconsider your life and use obsession to succeed. Cardone’s message is compelling and hits you to create an impact in your mindset. “Be Obsessed or Be Average” is thought-provoking, influential and will motivate you to change your mindset and become obsessed with success.

 Each chapter displays Grant Cardone’s passion and conviction. If you’re willing to work hard and avoid settling, this book will help you reach your goals, especially if you are seeking extraordinary success in your life.

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